Training videos - low cost and great return on investment

The best way to show your products.

The most effective, simple and affordable way to train your team and customers.

We will assist you from planning to publishing.

Our service includes

Initial consultation, help with script writing, video, light and audio hire, camera operator and sound engineer for recording day, video editing including music, graphics, transitions and text overlays, Audio enhancement and corrections, video encoding for destination media.


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Types of training videos

A good training video shows the best features of your product and can be used by your support team, sales team, customers and call centre. It can be a “how to” unpack a product, change a filter or complex repair activities. It is a very affordable and effective way to communicate your message and share knowledge.

Test and repair

Videos showing how to identify and correct problems. It can be from simple maintenance tasks such as changing a water filter in a fridge or washing machine to complex configurations and tests on specialized equipment.

Features and functions

Shows the special features and how to use them. This is a great video for your sales team, retailer's sales team, customers and customer's support team. It normally includes live demonstrations.

Competition comparison

Video that tells future clients why your product is superior when comparing to similar products from competitor's. It is used for clients researching for their next purchase and as a supporting tool for the sales team.


Technical video to teach and inform engineers on how to diagnose, repair and adjustment equipments. A very affordable investment when compared to traditional training.


There are many other types such as new employees Induction training for security and accreditation, distant team training on new equipment or techniques and recall inspection instructional.