I received a call from Jeannie from Natural Wonders with an urgent request to photograph some of their products for a Christmas catalogue. She needed the product photos for the next day.

Jeannie came to the studio and we photographed all the products together. As I do for most product photo sessions, I connect the camera to a monitor, so we can view the images and correct whatever is necessary.

I love to have the clients in the studio whenever possible. I love to have conversations and be able to create the images exactly as the client wants in the fastest possible way.

I manually retouch each image, mostly to remove dust particles that are too small to be seen via the naked eye. During this time, I also enhance colours, remove labels and small scratches.

Within 24 hours from her first phone call, Jeannie was downloading the finished images. The best part for me was to receive an email from her where she said ”¬†They look fantastic!! ”

It was a pleasure to work with Jeannie and photograph her products.

Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse from Natural Wonders. Cosmetic product photography in studio.
Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Soy Candle from Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders Zoom Rescue Balm

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Natural Wonders' cosmetic product photography in studio.