This is my favorite image of this series. A special picture inspired by a great painting.  The texture of the fabrics and skin come up very well. I love the expressions of both models.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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The original painting

Danae by Jacob Van Loo

Jacob Van Loo  (1614- 1670)

Danaë, 1655-1660

Oil on canvas,62 x 74 cm (The Kremer Collection)

“Anyone who looks at Van Loo’s history paintings is bound to conclude that he had a penchant for drawing and painting nudes. This painting revolves around the story of Danaë, the daughter of Acrisius, king of Argos.

After an oracle foretold that she would give birth to a murderer, her father locked her up under the watchful eye of an old nurse. But Zeus assumed the form of a shower of golden rain and entered the chamber through the cracks in the roof; he impregnated Danaë, and in due course she gave birth to Perseus. The prophecy was eventually fulfilled when Perseus accidentally killed his grandfather with a throw of the discus.

In the visual arts, Danaë unfailingly personifies chastity and virtue, although she appears to have acquired a more erotic flavour in this painting.

Van Loo has painted Danaë here on her bed, as she was frequently depicted in the seventeenth century, with the old maidservant at her side. By raising a red curtain, this old woman is presenting the scene of the nude Danaë to the viewer, as it were, thus imparting a mildly erotic atmosphere to the painting.

On the left, we see Zeus intruding in the form of golden rain.

While Rembrandt depicts Danaë receiving the golden radiance with mixed feelings – the woman seems torn between shock and joy. In Van Loo’s painting, she appears oblivious to the event, and indeed to be in rather a drowsy state. Her white skin contrasts beautifully with the multi-coloured sheets. Her figure is undoubtedly based on a life study.”

Extract from The Kremer Collection

Danae with Claire and Faezeh - Fine art in studio
Danae with Claire and Faezeh - Fine art in studio


Faezeh Parkes  (model holding curtain)

Faezeh is an inspirational teacher who lives and breathes the notion that growing old does not mean slowing down.
Full of life and positivity, Faezeh has in recent years found new vigour in starting a modeling career at 62 years of age and is enjoying doing that.

She also harnesses all her energy in spreading the word about causes close to her heart, help people less fortunate and connect to friends all over the world – for she is a global citizen through and through.
Her life mantra is, “Don’t look at the end, look at the journey” So, if you need her for your projects just call 04380 52200 and she will be quick to respond to your request.

Contact Faezeh Parkes by email [email protected]

Claire Dempsey (Danae)

was born and bred on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and developed a love for performing at a young age. Throughout High School, she took singing, dancing and acting lessons, as well as completing VCE Drama.

Claire joined the Royal Australian Navy the year after she graduated from school and began a career as a Maritime Warfare Officer. During her eleven-year naval career, Claire completed her Bachelor of Arts, Honours and a Masters of Philosophy, as well as progressing her primary naval qualifications of navigation, warfare and ship handling. She also completed various roles in aide du camp positions, representational duties, recruit training and instructing a deployment to the Middle East. She lived interstate and overseas for a decade before returning to the Mornington Peninsula with a posting to HMAS Cerberus in December 2014.

Claire maintained her love for performing despite the restrictions of her naval career through amateur productions, improvisation workshops, NIDA short courses, small plays and concerts. Since resigning from full-time naval service in September 2015, Claire has completed two VCA short courses, short drama pieces and two full-length plays with her local theatre company and is currently participating in the VCA Acting Studio part-time course.

In her spare time, Claire is a wine, beer and cider distributor, a life and leadership coach, and continues to conduct studies in English Literature. She is an avid horse rider, wine-fancier, animal-lover, part-time hair model and passionate about the development of others. She aspires to professional acting in Film, Theatre and Television and finds nothing more magical and enjoyable than transporting an audience into another world through a well-told story.

Claire can be contacted at [email protected] or on 0431 045 016.

Debbie Jenkins (Costume designer)

Debbie is the head of wardrobe for the National theatre ballet in the National theatre in St Kilda since 2008 and has participated in numerous professional productions in Melbourne and all around Australia. It was really a pleasure and fun working with Debbie.

Contact Debbie by email [email protected]

Isabella Linaker-Kappos (Makeup artist)

Isabella is a Melbourne based makeup artist and has always had a passion for the creative field.
From an early age, she knew this was the path to take.
Isabella is a freelance makeup artist, who studied a Diploma of Specialist Makeup at the
Australian College of Hair design and Beauty in 2015.  She has started building her portfolio with local photographers.

Recently Isabella participated in a short film called “ No Homo” at Swinburne University.
She is looking forward to expanding her portfolio.

Bella can be contacted via email: [email protected] or Instagram: @bella_artistry


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