It is a pleasure to introduce 3 great actresses that were photographed in our studio recently. In this post I will talk a bit about the selection of photos for a professional portfolio.

It is very common that a casting agent looks at thousand of photos before short listing a talent. They know they want a person with specific characteristics such as age, sex and size.  They also know that the person would need to have a “nice friendly smile” or a “young and sexy look” or “nice long legs”.

Talent websites and agent management sites are quite good in filtering and selecting people based on their metadata (sizes, age, sex, colour of hair, etc) but these are almost useless to find “nice long legs” or a friendly smile.

When I have portrait sessions with actors and actresses I try to capture images that will help a casting agent to select the person. I try to capture multiple expressions and poses to create the biggest variety of options for selection.

Well have a look this portraits of Sandra Casa (web site: , Siobhan Heenan (casting site: Siobhan Heenan) and Katya Surwillo (Agent: Katya Surwillo agent – RPR)

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