Product photography in studio

I love to photograph products. Each product presents a unique challenge with its own special features and characteristics.

Reflective and transparent products

Among the product’s characteristics that are considered difficult to photograph are transparency and reflections. Transparent products when not photographed well can simply disappear or not show its shape and volume. Reflective products need to reflect something that is not the photographer’s face or the camera lens.

A few weeks ago, I received a range of trophies, medals and plaques to photograph for a new website. These products are very reflective in areas and transparent in others. I was asked to create some lifestyle images and group photos to complement the individual product’s images.

These trophies, plaques and awards are given to ballroom dancers (athletes) after they successfully complete specific dancing routines and years of practice. The National DanceSport Examinations scheme is the body responsible for the definition of these tests. There is a colour code that is similar to a Karate belt system.

I have placed a few of these images here.

National Dancesport Examinations - Group of products - Product Photography in Studio
National Dancesport Examinations - Product photography lifestyle in studio.

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Dance sport advertising lifestyle product photo in studio
National Dancesport Examinations advertising product photography

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