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I would like to share with you the studio portrait/headshots session we did for Liz Hogon.

Liz contacted me to have some new professional headshots to be used on her website. She is a very busy person and the most challenge part was to find an hour for her to come to the studio.

We exchanged a few emails and I have told her my suggestions on what to wear, hair and make-up.

I sent her a written service proposal where, in addition to the price, date and time, all details of the session, number of photos and the license of use of the images was all clear.

When Liz arrived in the studio (right on time :)) the background and the lights were already set-up.

A few minutes deciding what to wear and we started working.

Liz Hogon

Liz Hogon

After a few shots, we had a short break to see the images that were automatically transferred to one of the computers.

Liz saw her photos in a big high resolution screen. This is not an ordinary computer screen but one that is capable of reproducing a wide colour range and that shows all details very well.

We improved a few poses, adjusted the lights and selected the images that best showed her personality and professionalism. The studio session took less than one hour.

The selected images were manually retouched and sent to her in a few days.

Liz is an experienced professional, very friendly and easy person to talk to.

Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy

Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy


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