Simple, fast and affordable fashion advertising photography for e-commerce website.


Golfmaster is a fashion label that produces quality clothes and accessories.

All photos of their new website photos were taken in two days in our studio in Wantirna South.

On the first day, we photographed the products individually against a white background and created the “in-situ” lifestyle images.

On the second day, we photographed Louis Zammit wearing the products. Louis is a very experienced, professional model and easy to work person.

Golf Master Website

Golf Master Website – Advertising fashion photography.

The team from Golfmaster was very friendly and came with a clear picture of what was required. They helped during the shooting day with the garments preparation, image selection and in the creation of some of the images.

The studio session was fun and we managed to finish in time and on budget.

The images were manually retouched faster than normal as they were required to be sent to a few magazines for the December issues. Have a look at the “Golf Magazine”  December issue.

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