Raine & Horne requested us to take some corporate headshots of the team in the office. They wanted to take the opportunity of a weekly team meeting to get everyone photographed at the same time. The option we selected was to take our portable studio equipment to their office.

Their office is very nice but does not have a large room and photographing in a small room can pose some difficulties. The first problem is the distance of the subject to the camera. When this distance is too short, the person’s perspective may become distorted (wide angle lens effect).

The other problem happens when the subject is too close to the background. In this case their shadow falls on the background creating a very distracting image.

In our portable studio set we have a collapsible background that can be illuminated from the back.  This way we can have the person very close to the background and their shadow disappears due to the illuminated background. This also eliminates any distortion associated with having the person too close to the camera.

Check out our corporate photography page for more samples and see the background in use.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the Raine & Horne Caroline Springs team is very friendly and a pleasure to work with.

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Raine & Horne website:

Rainer & Horne Caroline Springs Website

Rainer & Horne Caroline Springs Website – Corporate Headshots

Raine & Horne Caroline Springs Corporate Headshots

Raine & Horne Caroline Springs Corporate Headshots