Aerial video and photos of Robe South Australia

In January,  my family and I spent a week in Robe, South Australia. It is such a nice little town with beautiful beaches, lakes and great fresh seafood.

Robe has one adventure that I highly recommend. It is the Tiger Moth Flights.

Tiger Moth is the name of an old single-engine aeroplane used during WWII. The business operates from the small airfield a few kilometres from the entrance of the town. It is a short flight over Robe and we can see the beautiful beaches, harbour, obelisk and the city centre. It was a great sunny day and a special thrill (see the looooooooooop!)

I mounted a Go-Pro on the wing of the aeroplane and took my Canon 5DS inside for stills. I also filmed from the ground. The video is only 3.5 minutes and I hope you enjoy and share it.

Obelisk of Robe aerial photography with Tiger Moth Flight

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