Emotions project is one of mine personal projects. The objective is to portrait a variety of human emotions where the images cause emotions on who sees them.

In addition to exploring and photographing emotions, I want to bring aspects of our society into discussions. In this first post, I am showing Bridget’s showing the joy of playing and on one of the aspects of domestic violence.

To show the joy of living and playing, Bridget got wet playing with water balloons. It was a lot of fun trying to get the balloons to “hit the target”

Bridget also contributed with emotions of shame and pain. This second image is part of a collection of domestic violence. Bridget shows signs of physical abuse that may not be seen by others. Domestic violence happens in many ways and the victims often hide from everybody but themselves.

I hope you feel something with these images, comment and share.


Jose Aguiar


Model: Bridget May Cochrane-Holley

Make-up Artist: Brianna Seymour

Photographer: Jose Aguiar