These wonderful pieces of jewellery are designed and produced by two artists, Viktor Kalinowski and Elaine Rieger.

When I saw the products, I got very excited about photographing them. Their colours, great shapes and delicate texture are just wonderful,  a “gem” to photograph. These products need to receive just the right amount of shadows and very careful light positioning. Our perception of colours and saturation varies a lot with the amount and quality of the light we use.

We run a colour managed workflow. That means all our cameras, monitors and printers are colour calibrated every 2 weeks and our monitors are capable of showing all colours (wide gamut).  Even our retouching room has a dark grey wall to prevent colour contamination on the screens.


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kalinowski jewellery colour bracelets - Jewellery photography in studio
kalinowski jewellery Red and black set - Jewellery photography in studio
kalinowski jewellery pastel colours set - Jewellery photography in studio