Inspired by a famous fine art painting from the Louvre museum, I (Jose) photographed the very talent and beautiful model Seema as a 16th century peasant country girl. The portrait tried to recreate the serene look from the original.

Read about the original painting and check the results of our reproduction here. There are two versions that I love. Can you tell me which one you prefer and why?

This is a personal project and was not commissioned by any client.

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The original painting

Woman with a pearl by Camille Corot

Camille Corot (1796-1875)

Woman with Pearl, ca 1868-1870

Oil on canvas, 70 x 55 cm (Louvre museum – Paris – Third floor room 64/69)

Corot, born in Paris, was a nineteenth century artist who began mastering the skill of landscapes in 1825. His career began at the Paris Salon where his 1827 piece titled The Bridge at Narni was displayed. After continuous success at the Paris Salon, Corot began travelling throughout Europe for inspiration in his work. By 1870, Corot furthered his talents to portraits of women, such as Woman with Pearl.

The Woman with Pearl portrait holds a similar appearance to the Mona Lisa. The faint smile, hands resting idly and earthy colours much like the landscapes Corot coheres to, are all attributed in Leonardo De Vinci’s portrait. However, the carefully coloured background in Corot’s own work compliments the subject’s features with the earthy colours matching her garments and complexion.

The photographic result depicts a flower veiling the subject’s forehead as the representation of the pearl symbol; appearing as a leaf in the original. Overall, the image captures the impression of the subject in the original fine art painting as a positive reflection.

Woman with a pearl with Seema Varma
Woman with a pearl with Seema Varma


Seema Varma – Model

Seema Varma has been working as an aspiring model for the last 7 months. She has a huge passion for acting and modelling and loves being in front of the camera. She mainly shoots fashion, real-life and people. However Seema also enjoys creative projects like dress up and body part modelling.

The first project she participated in consisted of recreating a fine art depiction of a young girl living the life of a peasant from 1700-1800. This experience has opened many doors, to which she is currently modelling for Real People Agency and individual photographers.

Seema is available for photo shoots within Victoria (mainly Melbourne) and Sydney, but preferably Melbourne due to her studies at university. She is 5ft tall, with long natural black hair and tanned skin, which makes her a good model for fashion shoots.

Seema is happy to take upon any project in order to gain more experience.

Contact Seema via email [email protected]

Debbie Jenkins (Costume designer)

Debbie is the head of wardrobe for the National theatre ballet in the National theatre in St Kilda since 2008 and has participated in numerous professional productions in Melbourne and all around Australia. It was really a pleasure and fun working with Debbie.

Contact Debbie by email [email protected]

Emily Few (Makeup artist)

Emily is a very experienced make up artist. She has always had a passion for the industry and especially enjoys the creative side of photo shoots.

Contact Emily by email [email protected]


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