Do not disturb

Do you need us to be silent and invisible? No need to stress, we have long lenses that mean we’re out of the way and our cameras have a ‘silence’ mode that makes almost zero noise when operating. You won’t even know we’re there.


Do you need photography or video coverage for your event? Leave your details here and we will call you back.

Group Photo

Great corporate group photos during events. We have the skills and equipment to properly light a big group, direct them to the best location, extract the energy of the group.

Our services include

48-hours turnaround

Standard 48-hour turnaround. If necessary, we can supply images even before the event is over.

Very high resolution and web friendly files

We can provide you with images in any format you require.

USB or a download site

The photos are delivered on an USB stick or you can download them from a fast-download site on-line. Just let us know what is best for you.

Images licensed for you to use in any media for as long as you need

As part of our service agreement that should be signed before the event, we will grant you the rights to use the images for as long as you need and in all media. We normally keep the copyright of the images and can use the images in our website. If you need special terms for copyright and usage, please let us know.

All images are manually edited

Each image is edited to look just perfect. These services are included in the professional fee. It does not include extensive portrait retouching, image composition and background removal. If required, we will do "head swaps" for group photos. It is a technique that ensures that everyone in the group looks nice.

All safe, all legal and all insured

Our business is registered and our professionals are accredited and very skilled. We have public liability and equipment insurance.