Food photography offer Jul 2017

Flyer of food photography offer for restaurants front side

Super special promotion for restaurants, bars, cafes and food caterers.

Great opportunity to update your website and pamphlets with top quality photos.

Restaurant food photography promo back view


9 digital photos

$470 +GST

Extra photos: $50 +GST each

3 hours session

18 digital photos

$900 +GST

Extra photos: $45 +GST each

5 hours session

Our offer:

It all starts…

… with a call from you.

We need to know a bit about your business and ideas. We will explain the packages and adjust to your needs.

1 – We come to you

We will come to your place with our portable studio including portable flashes, reflectors and a small table with a white background.

We also bring some special tools to help style the food as well as special lenses for creative effects and depth of field control.

After your initial call, we will have a good idea of all equipment required.

Aguiar Photography studio for food photos

2 – Amazing photos

We will photograph your food items and/or business for approximately 3 hours for a 9-photos package and for up to 5 hours for an 18-photos package. During this time, you can choose any combination of food platters, menu items, locations and action photos.

We will plan the day in advance with you to be able to achieve the best results within the allocated time.

For best results, we recommend photographing all food items in sequence with the final preparation just before the shot. This creates uniformity, reduces the time for lighting changes and enables us to capture all the freshness, texture, colours and temperature.

We try to accommodate all your requirements in a single session but it is not always possible. It is important that you tell us which photos are more important to you so we will have them done first.

Ozzy Burger front shop with customers
Client selecting food from disolay

3 – Easy selection

Our cameras capture photos in incredibly high-resolution in excess of 50 megapixels and transfer them to an iPad seconds after the shot. We use the iPad to select the best photos and to make sure we have them just the way you want.

We expect you to select the photos you want to licence at the end of the session. If you require a web gallery or an extra meeting for the selection of the photos, this extra work is possible and will be charged separately.

During the selection of the photos, we will discuss what needs to be retouched.

Photo selection with client on screen

3.5 – Payment

Once we know how many photos you are licensing we will invoice you accordingly.

We require full payment before we can retouch and deliver the images.

4 – Retouching and delivery

We include the manual retouching of every photo as part of the package. It includes a global application of colour correction, sharpness, contrast and luminosity. We will also do the removal of small dust particles and simple local adjustments.

If any complex retouching such as the removal of large items, removal of backgrounds, multiple-image layering and composites is required, it will be charged in addition to the package price.

The retouching normally takes 4 to 5 business days. You will receive two versions of each photo, one in a web friendly size and one in high-resolution suitable for printing.

You will be able to download the final digital photos from a secure web folder.

You will be amazed by the final results. Guaranteed.

Our warranty:

  • If for any reason you do not like the photos presented to you for selection during the photo shoot, you can cancel the session and do not need to pay anything. We will only retouch the photos you like and want to license.
  • After you have received the retouched photos and require any small change, we will fix it for free.


  • You licence the images for your company and your own use only. You can use them on your website, on your pamphlets, on your training material and any other media, anywhere in the world and for as long as you want.
  • You can not sell, rent or lend them to any other person or company without our prior written consent.
  • If you require any variance of this licensing agreement, please let us know and we will talk about your needs.

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