Auscrown is a family owned company with their warehouse in the suburb of Bulleen in Melbourne. They sell quality kitchen products for commercial and domestic use.  I visited their warehouse to meet the marketing team and to plan the photo sessions. The team was very friendly and explained to me how to safely handle the products.

The managing director, Jason, and the sales & marketing manager, Jenny, helped a lot on this project. They contributed to the creative part of the project and in the studio with some more complex shots.

This project was special to me because I learned a very important lesson. I learned to never underestimate the product you are photographing. As an advertising photographer, I need to understand the product to properly explore its main features.  Initially, I understood the products as something nice to have and convenient for the backyard. They are very nice to have and convenient and easy to use but these are not the main features I need to emphasize. It is their impressive firepower I needed to show. Their capacity to produce professional quality noodles in your own house. I have to thank Jason for maintaining his vision and sticking with me during an extra unplanned session.

I think the products are great and I ordered one for myself and one for a friend. I have been using mine a lot in the gazebo in the back of the house. I cook all my steaks and my mustard chicken there now. For me the intensity of the flames to seal the meat is important. When I pour the sauce over, I reduce the flame up to the point where only the small internal ring is lit. It reduces the temperature to let the sauce to reduce and finish the cooking.

Well, back to the photos, I have placed a few here. If you are using a large monitor, click to enlarge them. Visit the Auscrown website.

Auscrown website

Auscrown website

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