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Sandra Casa - Model and actress

3 photos package

Ideal for a quick update. It includes a 45-minute session and we will work on a single idea/look. For models, it may be two full bodies and one headshot. For actors and actresses, it may be two expressions and one full body.  We will present you with three (3) manually retouched photos. You will love the results.

Price: $245 – Extra photo $40 each

Hannah Conn Portrait in Studio - Model portfolio portrait - Naked look

5 photos package – Essentials

The ideal package to create the first portfolio. In a 60-minute session, we will create 5 amazing photos with up to 2 looks/changes.  For models, we can have two full bodies, one or two headshots and a super close-up. For actors and actresses, we can have two full bodies and 3 contrasting expressions. We normally have a light and background change in this session to create diversity. All photos purchased are manually retouched.

Price: $315 – Extras at $35 each

Tori Hume action theater shot

7 photos package

In a 90-minute session, we will produce 7 great photos. This session is similar to the previous packages but with more variety and creativity and with time to explore up to 3 looks.  This is ideal for models who want to show parts of their body for advertising campaigns such as hands, feet, ears, abdomen, lips and eyes. Great for actors and actresses to try a few costumes and props and explore body language, flexibility and dancing skills. We manually retouch all purchased photos.

Price: $370 – Extras at $30 each

Meerna Angry Project Emotions

Your showreel in studio

Come alone or bring another actor or actress and perform a short dialogue in front of our cameras. Show your collection of emotions, your talent and acting flexibility in a 3-minute long video in the studio. We can also record musicians and dancers.

We will talk about all details before the sessions and any extra footage that you want to have included.  It will look great!

All videos are cut, enhanced, colour corrected and fully edited by us in the studio.

Price: Prices start from $450. Call us to discuss your ideas.

Brushes for makeup

Our makeup and hair service for talents.

Now you can add a 60-minute makeup and hair styling into your headshot portrait session. It is very simple, book it and come 60 minutes earlier. Our make-up and hair artist will give you just the right look for your session.

Add our makeup and hair service for headshots for $110

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Watch what happens in a studio portrait session

Watch a portrait retouching timelapse

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Every talent, actress, actors, musician and dancer who is currently looking for work or better work, need to have a series of professional portraits in their portfolio.

It is not simply because a professional photo looks better than the ones taken using phones or by weekend photographers. These are other less obvious reasons but very important one.

  • You are a professional.  You want to be considered as a professional. You use professional artists as well. How will a professional video producer, a professional photographer, a professional agent think about you and your amateurs photos? Will they believe you have invested in your art as much as they have in theirs?
  • A good professional advertising photographer such as myself knows how to show your features and talents. Read “what makes a great portfolio” questions.
  • Reduces “your risk” on the eyes of who is casting. Your portfolio with our photos shows what you are, how you are and that you have experience.

Jose takes the time to understand a client’s profession and experience. He works towards the best outcome for their portrait session. Everyone is in a different phase of their career and may benefit more from one style of photos or another.

In contrast to a lot of other Melbourne photographers, Jose encourages the clients to explore clothing changes and poses to create a variety of headshot photos for their professional profiles.

Jose is an accredited Master of Photography and has worked casting models and actors. He is also an advertising photographer and knows what needs to be shown to get the correct attention.

Jose Aguiar

Short answer: One that gets you your next great job/project.

In most cases, a model is selected by the casting person (agent) because:

  • He/she can see the person has the physical characteristics that are required

What happens when more than one person matches the physical characteristics?

  • The person that is presented as lower risk (has more professional experience) gets the job.

An ideal portfolio will have only one image for each the physical characteristic or what we want to tell with the photo. So, knowing what you want to show and why you want to show is our objective as well as creating the perfect images.

Part of our service is to advise you on which poses and what to dress to complete your portfolio. Again, the objective of a model’s portfolio is not to have “cool” or “artistic” images but to get you the next job offer.

Short answer: One that gets you your next great job/project.

In most cases, an actor or actress is selected by the casting person (agent) or director because:

  • He/she has the physical characteristics that are required for the role and looks like to having the required experience and talent.

What happens when you have the talent and experience but your portfolio does not show that you have the physical characteristics?

  • You most likely will not be called. Would you buy a dancing shoe only reading its description? Would you buy a shoe if you can see only a close-up of the shoe lace?

What happens when more than one person matches the physical characteristics, talent and experience?

  • The person that is presented as lower risk (more professional experience) gets the job. That is why we try to create a variety of looks on the same session varying the lights, clothes and backgrounds.

An ideal portfolio will have only one image for each the physical characteristic or expressions we want to show. Knowing what you want to show and why is our objective as well as creating the perfect images.

Part of our service is to advise you on which poses and what to dress to complete your portfolio. Again, the objective of an actor or actress portfolio is not to have “cool” or “artistic” images but to get you the next job offer by showing a range of expressions and poses.

Our photography studio is at:

22 Mockridge Street, Wantirna South, Vic 3152

Phone: 0417509955 or 03-98475141

Aguiar Photography Portrait Studio

It depends on what you want to show and what you already have in your portfolio.

To start with, if you have already been photographed with an outfit, select another one.

What you like to wear is less important than what shows your features better. For example, you may love a loose pair of pants but will it show your leg shape or hide them? Do you want or need to have your legs in your portfolio? In most cases, you need to have at least one full body front and back regardless of being an actor or a model.

The best suggestion I have is for you to bring a big variety of clothes to the studio. We will help you.

I have some suggestions:


  • Dresses, blouses, suits or jackets are good options for actors. Anything that is not too colourful and that does not have many distracting details. Something you would wear for a job interview is normally a good starting point for actors.  Bring a few options to try.
  • For models, the selection can include more casual pieces, swimwear, nightwear, lingerie. Prefer something that is not so colourful that may get attention from you. We want to show you not the garment.
  • For models, actresses and dancers that are flexible and capable of complex choreography, I suggest some sports or dancing gear.
  • For models that want to be used for jewellery advertising, bring some jewellery to use.
  • For models that want to be used for shoe advertising, bring some and have the nails done.
  • Bring some nice accessories and we select what looks best under the lights.
  • Wear light make-up. Something nice but not too strong. Something you would wear during the day.

Sleep well the night before. Eat well and drink lots of water. Come and have fun!


  • Plain colour business shirts, very well pressed and that looks and fits well on you. A nice quality French cuff white business shirt with cuff links is a great option if available.
  • Plain colour ties are better than the ones with details. We do not want people distracted looking at your tie instead of you. We want the tie to contrast nicely with the shirt. Bring a few options to try.
  • Have a haircut a few days before the session.
  • Shave well or trim your beard.

If you want to feature your body, bring a swimsuit or a sportswear. If you have a costume from a previous production, bring it. We may be able to photograph you wearing it with a “theatrical” light.

Remember, we are not selling the clothes, we are selling you, your talent, your expressions.



You can optionally book your photo session including the services of our makeup and hair artist. You just need to arrive a bit earlier and come without any makeup and washed dry hair.

Regardless of who does your makeup and hair, it needs to be light and simple.

I do not believe in strong makeups or complex hair design on portfolios. They do not help you. They may make difficult to “understand” your face, your natural lines, bones and shapes.

Complex hair arrangements will cause distractions and will not show important aspects of your hair such as volume, size and colour.

The ideal makeup will help in showing your own characteristics but without becoming a feature in itself.

If you are going to make your own make-up, do not use too much base trying to cover pimples or other marks. Bring a few lipsticks as we may need to re-apply or to change mid-session.

Bring some hair pins or hair accessories. We will most likely need to lift part of the hair to show your neck, shoulder and ears.

I have seen thousands of portfolios of actors and models full with photos of the person wearing zombie makeup, theatrical dark eyes, ghost or angels costumes or gangster suits. They are normally done using amateur quality equipment, less than good lighting and in some cases include multiple people on the “scene”. I think you know what I am talking about.

These images do not help you at all. They do not show you, your talent, your characteristics. It does not help showing you had participated in a show where the light was terrible or the production was not of a good quality.

The only time a true action scene or a behind-the-scene is useful is if you can identify that it was you in the photo and that the photo has a label saying the name of the production and that production is something you are proud of participating. You only need one photo of each production proving that you were there and only a few best productions.

Special effect lights with strong shadows and Photoshop effects that create a dramatic “mood” are cool and we all love seeing them but they are not for your portfolio. Except if you want to add one representing your participation on an artistic project. Add a label with the project name, photographer name or event.

For your portfolio, most of the photos need to be well lit, with soft shadows, of very good resolution and showing clearly their message, their reason of existence. Example of messages “I have a well balanced body, see my frontal view” or “I have a nice stomach area, see this”, “I am flexible and can dance, see this”. “My smile is so friendly, see this”.

When you arrive, we will talk about what you need, your existing portfolio, clothing selection, jewellery and how to achieve each image. The next step is to have your hair and makeup done if necessary. Read in this session more about hair, makeup and special effects.

The next step is to have your hair and makeup done if necessary. Read in this session more about hair, makeup and special effects.

We will them start shooting.

As we are shooting, the images are transferred to our large screen.  Soon after the first images are done, we will check them and comment on what we liked and what we want to change.

We continue refining the poses, changing clothes and accessories until you are happy with the images you like and want to purchase.

Watch the short video showing a corporate headshot portrait session on this page.

Watch the short video on this page where Jose Aguiar retouches a portrait.

In addition to removing blemishes in the skin, fly-away hair, whitening teeth and eyes, contrast and saturation adjustments, we enlarge or reduce the size of some areas we understand as necessary.

Jose Aguiar prefers to keep the portraits as real as possible but with all necessary retouches to show your best features and reduce the not so nice features.  The final word is yours on how much retouching you want to have and where.

After receiving the retouched photos if you want to have something changed, we will gladly change free of charge. You will love the results. Guaranteed.

During the session, we will review the results many times and mark the photos we love.

At the end of your session, you will select the images you want to purchase. This includes the ones as part of the package as well as any extras.

We will send you an invoice by email and you can pay by most cards, Paypal, cash, Apple-Pay or bank deposit.

Your portrait session and the extra photos need to be paid in full before they are retouched and delivered.

We normally take a couple of days to manually retouch each photo. You will receive a link to a secure web folder to download your photos and in that link, you will have two versions of the same photo. One version in a large but web friendly and email resolution (1800 px) and one in high resolution for any future use or printing.

We will only be able to release the download link after receiving the full payment.

No problem, we have you covered.

When you do not like what you see in the selection during the photo session:

It is very rare but possible that we could not get the images you want on the day. No matter the reason, if you are not happy with the results we can book another day or refund the studio session fee.

When you do not like the way we retouched your purchased photo:

If you do not like the way we retouched the photos, we will change the retouching treatment on any purchased image free of charge.

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