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Recent projects

Lifestyle advertising photography for Schweigen

Aguiar photography photographed some fantastic range-hoods from Schweigen. A great example of lifestyle advertising photography.

Natural Wonders Good Riddance product range in our studio.

A true Australian company with wonderful products! Good Riddance products return to our studio. It is so good when a client comes back for more product and advertising photos. We received the product range called "Good Riddance" from Natural Wonders. They were engineered to keeping mosquitos, midges and flies away without using DEET-based nasty chemicals.  They [...]

Tables, legs, stools and benches. All in our studio for Australian Hairpin Legs.

Furniture photography in studio. Great tables, table legs, stools and benches in our Wantirna South studio. Australian Hairpin Legs manufactures amazing products in Ferntree Gully and we are showcasing some of them here. I am very proud to add Australian Hairpin Legs to our list of clients. They are a local Australian business with a large [...]

Technical products photography for Leitz Australia

Studio product photography of precision industrial tools. We photographed products from Leitz Australia in our studio in Wantirna South. These tools are used in industrial rotating machines such as routers. They are mainly used by kitchen cabinet makers. The angles, parallel lines, the shining polished surfaces and all small details and engraving are just beautiful. A [...]

Product photography in use. Product packaging.

Product photography for packaging It is great when a client brings you a final marketing or advertising item using your photos. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are somehow contributing to the success of the company in a physical way. I love to see the product photos in websites but when they are [...]

Steel product photography: the new dishwasher from Whirlpool

We LOVE product photography and our goal is to capture and highlight the main features of all products without missing a single detail. Every material has its own characteristic and requires a different technique to be well represented. The reflective ones are specially hard, but once we achieve the perfect photo, they are the most [...]

CMJ building team, advertising and construction photos

CMJ Building and Construction has commissioned Aguiar Photography to photograph one of their projects and their team. This is some of the photos of that project.

Jewellery photography as you have never seen before. Great design, colour and texture.

We photographed some jewellery that is modern very well designed and with great colours. I think they are a true work of art.

Advertising lifestyle photography. Auscrown new website.

Auscrown new website. Advertising lifestyle photography.
The best way to tell your story is with a well-planned image. The image that tells a story, sends a message. Auscrown has a new and nice website. I use one of the products and love it.

Cosmetics from Natural Wonders were photographed in our studio in Wantirna South

I received a call from Jeannie from Natural Wonders with an urgent request to photograph some of their products for a Christmas catalogue. She needed the product photos for the next day. Jeannie came to the studio and we photographed all the products together. As I do for most product photo sessions, I connect the [...]

How do we work?

High quality work, fast turnaround, flexible team and affordable service.


Contact us

Tell us what you need. Still life product shot? Advertising photography in studio? Flat lay photography?


Send your products

Use a courier or bring them yourself.


We photograph

We photograph the products based on your requirements. Our 50 mega pixels resolution cameras capture all details and all colours.


Manual retouching

We retouch all products here in the studio and take care of even the smallest detail.


Files are ready to download

You can download the finished files from a fast and secure server or have them in an USB stick.


Product collection and warranty

After you tell us that the photos are just perfect, the products will be available for collection.

Product description and website content creation

A great complement for our amazing product photos. Let us write your product description and the text on your website.

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Advertising photography studio

Our very well equipped studio is a great place for most commercial product photography and video productions. We can handle most products from wine bottles and jewellery to commercial washers and industrial fans. We love all types of product shooting (flat lay, white background, pack shot, catalogue), lifestyle photography ("in-situ", promotional) and creative advertising photography (on-location, using talents, compositions).

Our photographer

Jose is a master of photography from AIPP and has received many industry awards. He is a very experienced advertising photographer and will find the best angles and creative ways to make your product to stand out. Jose handles most jobs in our studio. In this picture, he is running a session that combines photography and filming of commercial washing machines and dryers.

Catalogue photography

We are one of the best commercial product photography studios for websites and printed catalogues. Leave with us your still life advertising photography, your accessories photography, packaging photography and lifestyle photography. Even the simplest product looks great with us.


Extremely high resolution (over 50 mega pixels) for large prints, great details and flexible cropping.

Product photography in Melbourne. Great value and service.

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Which type of product we photograph?

We happily take on board most products, including anything from flower, jewellery, or furniture photography to machinery, electronics and hardware photography.

Popular photo-shoots include:
  • Fashion and clothing, we have models or we will happily work with your team. Check out our model and fashion page.
  •  Shoes and fashion accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Tools, Machinery & Hardware items
  • Musical Instruments
  • Electronic boards
  • Paintings, sculptures and other types of art
  • White goods, brown goods and other complex shapes and difficult-to-capture coloured goods
  • Food
  • Commercial and industrial products
  • Homeware and cookware
  • Decorative items

Why we are so good at photographing products?

  1. We are passionate about product photography.
  2. We make your products stand out and love to tell their story.  We ask our clients about the best features of the products, the marketing campaigns they will be used and the messages and emotions they want to say with the photos.
  3. Our photographic and lighting equipment are just the best available. We use 50 Mega Pixel cameras, the best lenses and lights.
  4. Our attention to details and perfect retouching.
  5. We know how to do it.
  6. Flexible, friendly, fast and affordable services that will adjust to your needs.

Is your product big?

If your product is too big, heavy or just simply not convenient to be transported to our studio we are more than happy to come to you. We can bring lights, flashes, backgrounds, light modifiers and any other equipment you might need to produce the images you require.

Are we registered and insured?

Our studio and equipment is insured and we also have public liability insurance. we may require a temporary insurance to cover your products while in transit or when being photographed.

Our business is fully registered and is managed by the owner and main photographer Jose Aguiar. Jose is an accredited professional photographer from AIPP with the prestigious status of master of photography. We have working with children certificates as well.

Do you have many products?

If you have a lot of products to be photographed, it may not be convenient and logistically economical to be transported to our studio.

We will come to you and photograph them in your warehouse or office. We will bring lights, flashes, backgrounds, light modifiers and any other equipment we may need to produce the images you require. We can operate in your place with minimum disturbance to your day-to-day activities.

How is the retouching work done?

We do all retouching and digital processing necessary including the removal of the background, logo application, label removals, ghosting and image compositions.

Just tell us what you like and need and we’ll make sure that it is done.

We are happy to help with anything from a simple colour or resolution adjustment to a more complex composition with multiple images or a batch processing of image compression, renaming or metadata updates.

Are you just starting your business and website?

If you do not have much experience with websites and advertising, we are happy to help with the preparation of images for publications and on-line use. We can talk to you about image selection, sizes, ideas for advertising.

We can show you how to have a lot of good effective images within a relatively small budget.

How much is our service?

Each product and each job is unique. It comes with its own challenges such as colours, textures, transparency, size, volume and reflections. For these reasons we need to price each job individually.

You will receive a written proposal with all clearly described.

When calculating your prices, we will include a fixed part that covers the use of the equipment, transportation and any material (building or cleaning) and a variable part that is related to the number of hours photographing and the number of images to retouch.

It is very simple and fair and we will explain to you all. There is no hidden or surprise costs with us.

Most small to medium products we photograph will cost from $30 to $60 for each retouched finished photo. We offer great volume discounts and discounts for multiple similar items.

We want your product to be a success and if you need we can help you on image selection and creative ideas.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Read more about our services

  • We produce advertising photos for catalogues and e-commerce websites. These types of photos are also known as: still-life photography, macro photography, product shot and catalogue photography.
  • We create stunning images that are ready for integration on websites or into your graphic design with “clipping path” and “etching”. This is so you can isolate the image from the background with complete ease.
  • We run a colour management workflow that ensures all our cameras, lights, monitors and printers are colour calibrated.  This means, we can reproduce the colours of your products very precisely or adjust them as you wish.
  • We work collaboratively with graphic designers to have the images prepared exactly the way you want them.
  • Within the price, your images are fully licensed for you, so you can use where you want for as long as you want.
  • Our product photography services include colour correction, basic image manipulation (saturation, sharpness, perspective correction, chromatic correction, etc) and re-touching as required.
  • All our images are formatted for web, social media and printing as required. In fact we can deliver them in any format you want. They are processed and delivered fast and are available on a CD, USB stick or via web download.