This month we had a lot of portraits and we loved them all.

This is what happens in a portrait session with us:

Each session takes less than one hour. We talk a bit about the clothes, hair, accessories and take the first series of photos. While we are photographing, the camera sends the images to the main computer. When we have already done a few images, we go to the large screen and select the ones we like more.

If is there anyone that we liked and believe we can improve on it, we return to the studio and build the expression and pose from the previous one. It is a very efficient way to get the expressions we want. The expressions that sends the write message (confidence, approachable, experienced, friendly) to the person looking at your profile .

Some people take a bit long to relax and give me the expression required for each type of portrait session. Our portrait sessions are planned and executed to give each client his/her best set of images for their purpose. We take in consideration more than just their profession but also what other photos they may already have, which message they want to pass, how they want to be seen as.

I will explain what we do to create multiple looks from a single session as well as the power of the backgrounds in the next post.

Well, I would like to share with you these portraits of these great professional women. Anne Fulton, Chloe Towan and Kubra Elyas.

Do you want a great portrait of yourself?

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