Have your portrait with one of the best headshots photographers in Melbourne.

Update your Linkedin profile headshot. You will be delighted with the results.

Katya Surwillo actress portrait

1 photo package

Capture your great professional portrait in a 30-minute session. We will present you with one manually retouched photo. You will love the results.

An ideal package for your website, CV or LinkedIn.

Price: $165 – Extra photo $45 each

Albert Goikhman - Actor headshot

3 photos package

In a 45-minute session, we will produce 3 great photos. I suggest having two formal photos and one more casual. It is our most popular package and is ideal for your website, LinkedIn and Facebook. It also includes manual retouching.

Price: $245 – Extras at $40 each

Sandra Casa portrait

5 photos package

The ideal package to cover all your needs. In a 60-minute session, we will create 5 amazing photos with up to 3 looks/changes. This is a great option for websites and social media. All photos purchased are manually retouched.

Price: $315 – Extras at $35 each

On-location headshot of CEO

On-location session

We will come to you with our portable studio. It only takes a few minutes to get ready. Our illuminated background allows us to create portraits in relatively small areas.
It is an ideal solution for busy teams such as real estate companies, medical clinics, factories and offices. It creates a professional and uniform look at an affordable cost.
We can use your own office space as a background for the portraits instead of a white or black background.
Allocate 5 to 15 minutes for each person per photo. Great group discounts.

Price: Same as our in-studio packages. Just add $210 on-location fee (30 km radius from Melbourne CBD).

Brushes for makeup

Our makeup and hair service for headshots.

Now you can add a 30-minute light makeup and hair styling into your headshot portrait session. It is very simple, book it and come 30 minutes earlier. Brianna will give you just the right look for your corporate portraits.

Add our makeup and hair service for headshots for $85


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Watch what happens in a studio portrait session

Watch a portrait retouching timelapse

Everyone that is currently working or is looking for work, needs to have a professional portrait.

We photograph a lot of administrators, consultants, sole traders, doctors, engineers, sales people, public servants, large and small business owners, directors, religious leaders, politicians, students, models and musicians.

Jose is one of the best photographers in Melbourne, a Master of Photography and has received many awards.  As a headshot photographer, Jose takes the time to understand a client’s profession and works towards the best outcome for their portrait (best expressions).

In contrast to a lot of other Melbourne photographers, Jose encourages the clients to explore clothing changes and poses to create a variety of headshot photos for social media and professional profiles.

Jose Aguiar

Our photography studio is:

22 Mockridge Street, Wantirna South, Vic 3152

Phone: 0417509955 or 03-98475141

Aguiar Photography Portrait Studio

Most people calculate a person from what they see within the first few seconds. It is something that happens in your subconscious and you cannot do anything about it. Is it how the human brain functions. This is a good reason to put your best professional portrait forward whenever possible.

Most people judge a person from what they see within the first few seconds. It is something that happens in our subconscious and we cannot do anything about it. It is how the human brain works. This a good reason to put your best image first whenever possible.
In the professional and business world, the person’s total image is very important and this starts with your portrait.

People and companies will search your name on Google, Facebook, Linkedin and other sites. This is why it is so important to have a great professional headshot for all of your online profiles.

Is your profile picture showing you in a professional, friendly way?

We start with great poses and expressions (we show you how). Add the best lighting for the type of portrait and select an appropriate background. Finish with a magic retouching work to hide or enhance your natural features.

We often extract expressions that present you as an approachable, easy to work with and trustworthy person.
When appropriate, we will try a variety of looks such as smiling, truly interested, impressed, happy and intrigued.
Some people may need to  show power, intelligence, serenity, calm and self-confidence.

We develop your portrait with you and capture the best expression for your needs.

This is what we are good at.

It depends on your profession and the image that you want.

For most office professionals, our suggestion is to wear something that you would wear for a job interview. Something that you would find on people that have the position you want to have.

If you are a chef, you may want to wear a kitchen apron but for the majority of office professionals, consultants, politicians, managers, directors and most people, we suggest the following:


  • Dresses, blouses, suits or jackets are good options. Anything that is not too colourful and that does not have many distracting details. Something you would wear for a job interview. If you are not sure, go for the more conservative option. Bring a few to try.
  • Bring some nice jewellery and accessories and we select what looks best under the lights.
  • Wear light make-up. Something nice but not too strong. Something you would wear during the day.


  • Plain colour business shirts, very well pressed and that looks and fits well on you. A nice quality French cuff white business shirt with cuff links is a great option if available.
  • Plain colour ties are better than the ones with details. We do not want people distracted looking at your tie instead of you. We want the tie to contrast nicely with the shirt. Bring a few options to try.
  • Have a hair cut a few days before the session.
  • Shave well or trim your beard.


When you arrive, we will talk about what we want and help you with any clothing selection , jewellery, tie adjustments and take a few initial shots.

As we are shooting, the images are being transferred to our main computer.  Soon after the first images are done, we will check them and comment on what we liked and what we want to change.

We continue refining the poses, changing clothes and accessories until you are happy with the images you like and want to purchase.

At the end of your session you will select the images you want to purchase. This includes the ones as part of the package as well as any extra.

We will send you an invoice by email and you can pay by most cards, Paypal, cash, Apple pay or bank deposit.

Your portrait session and the extra photos need to be paid in full before they are retouched and delivered.

Your professional image starts with a a great portrait. Book now.

Select one of our portrait packages, select the best date and book it now.

No problem. It is very rare but possible that we could not get the images you want on the day. No matter the reason, if you are not happy with the results we can book another day or refund the studio session fee.

Book now your portrait session with one of the best in Melbourne.

Select one of our portrait packages, select the best date and book it now.

Your professional image starts with a a great portrait. Book now.

Select one of our portrait packages, select the best date and book it now.

Corporate Portraits

In addition to our individual business portrait sessions we also offer the following



Bring your whole team to our studio or we go to your office to create an homogeneous corporate look.


Portable studio in your office

Our portable studio is quite special. It has a lit background that allow us to work in smaller spaces.


Models and actors headshots

Surely one of the best places to have a creative model and actor portrait. We know what you need and how to do it.

Anne Fulton

Jose is a tremendously passionate photographer with a great eye for detail. He gives good direction & has a lot of creative ideas. It was a pleasure to work with him & I look forward to collaborating with again soon!

Kubra Elyas

Very talented professional photographer, he is friendly, and It didn't take me long to feel relaxed and comfortable..great studio space as well. Highly recommended! :)

Joseph Gagaridis

Incredible photographer very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Kelly W

A true professional, great studio space, an absolute pleasure to work with. Was very happy with the results, can't rate high enough.

Hannah C

Very professional photographer who knows the craft expertly and easy to work with.

Dexter Motta-Marques

Aguiar Photography offers a relaxed yet professional setting for having Business Portrait photographs taken! This value-for-money service is complimented by Jose's natural manner, and use of state-of-the-art-technology, with real-time results, that made it easy for me to select the photo's I felt most-closely represented my intended outcome.

John Pattison

I felt very comfortable in your presence and was impressed with your professionalism.

Claire Dempsey

Wonderful photographer! Great vision, imagination and prowess. Has some beautiful award-winning works and it is not hard to see why. Thank you Jose, I had a great time!

Seema Varma

Jose was great to work with. As a photographer he is very good in instructing people clearly to achieve the best as well is very friendly. I would definitely work with him again.

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