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Elga Nodelman photographed in our studio for her Reiki business

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It is always a pleasure to meet Elga. She is an accomplished piano player and Reiki practitioner. Elga is starting a new business called "Soul In Tune Reiki". What a cool name! Reiki is about energy and healing, so we come up with these mystic magic looking photos. I hope you like it. Do you want some [...]

Many looks on a single portrait session

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Last month we had the pleasure of photographing the actress and model Tori Hume (www.torihume.com). She is a professional Australian based actress and her most recent work includes a lead part in a Bollywood feature film. Light and fun, this photo session was part of a technical training for our assistants. Tori is a great [...]

How do we retouch a portrait?

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Most clients have no idea what it takes to retouch well a portrait. Watch how Jose Aguiar retouched a portrait of a young woman.

It is all revealed! What happens in a headshot session at Aguiar Photography

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What makes this service special? Answer: Attention to each person's needs. Jose talks to each client soon after the on-line booking or during the initial phone call. He suggests what to wear, what to do before the session and listen to the client's needs, concerns and preferences. When the client arrives at the studio, Jose [...]

Studio headshot of Tristan Mclindon

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Portrait photography. Studio headshot of Tristan Mclindon.
What a create session we had. Tristan is a very talented actor and participated in many TV advertising projects. Have a look at the results of our portrait session.

Adam Myhal headshot in our studio

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It was a pleasure to photograph Adam. Adam is the CEO of Just foods and a very nice person. Click to visit their website: http://just-foods.com.au/ Read more about our portrait sessions. You can contact Jose directly by phone or email [email protected] Phone: 0417509955 Contact

Portraits of Tom Richardson, business coaching and marketing strategist

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Tom Richardson photographed by Jose from Aguiar Photography in Wantirna South. Find a link to Tom’s business here.

Sandra, Katya and Siobhan – Actresses portraits – Helping talents and casting agents

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Portraits for actresses need to show a variety of faces and poses. All our efforts are to help the talent to be selected for their next big job.